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    Jeff Newland

      Neil,  how late did you stay?  Glad to meet both you and Jordon last night.  Looking forward to seeing you the future and probably sometime with that 12 inch you're making.  🙂



        It was also good to meet you Jeff, and also Josef. It's to bad I had to leave when I did. Sounds like you three found a ton of stuff. I've never seen any of the objects list btw.

        Josef Ch

          I submitted event to http://events.postbulletin.com/event/public_sky_observing

          Public Sky observing Friday 9/29/17 7:30-9:30 PM
          Parking North of Soccer fields at Essex Pkwy; near West River Pkwy NW and 41st ST NW
          GPS: 44.067833, -92.475916
          Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Wxm1w5UHDaG2
          Observing program: Moon, Saturn, Double stars
          Please invite family, friends, neighbors, coworkers. For last minute announcements follow up Rochester Astronomy Club (RAC) facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rochesterastronomy/

          Let's hope, that weather will cooperate…

          Jeff Newland

            Josef, someone should update the 'Event' page on Facebook.  It says there are no upcoming events.  This should probably be put there.


            Jeff Newland

              Oh..  And I plan to be there.    🙂


              Josef Ch

                Thanks, Jeff. I sent email to Randy, I think it will be updated…

                Jeff Newland

                  Josef, do we have any idea how many scopes will be showing up?  I've been telling people about it and there seems to be some interest on the Facebook page as well. 

                  Josef Ch

                    Well, in this moment I would say Mike, you, and me. More people with telescopes would be only better. Weather looks good.


                      Hi Josef!
                      I will be there with a scope

                      Josef Ch

                        Great, thanks, Bob. See you tonight.

                        Bill and John shared with me info about ISS pass tonight. Here is what I found from http://www.heavens-above.com/
                        I will go slowly from West(20:09), through Bootes(20:13), maximum will be above Big Dipper, later passing Polaris, it'll disappear in Perseus(20:16).
                        Date: 29 September 2017
                        Orbit: 401 x 408 km, 51.6? (Epoch: 30 September)
                        Event                       Time Altitude Azimuth       Distance (km) Brightness Sun altitude
                        Rises                       20:09:10 0?   253? (WSW) 2,315 1.2 -14.3?
                        Reaches altitude 10? 20:11:17 10? 260? (W)     1,459 0.1 -14.7?
                        Maximum altitude   20:14:27 46? 335? (NNW)   552   -2.9 -15.2?
                        Enters shadow         20:16:29 19? 43? (NE)       1,028 -2.1 -15.6?

                        Mike C:

                          So…. IF the forecast is correct. It looks like we might have a rather clear sky tonight.
                          Would anyone be interested in doing some observing?
                          Ground might be a little wet, but maybe Keller?
                          Moon rises around 1:30 so that would give us a few hours.
                          Thoughts anyone?

                          Jeff Newland

                            Did you make it out to Keller on Friday Mike?

                            Looks like a good week.  Is Eagle Bluff available this weekend?  Or..
                            Will there be another try for the StarBQ?

                            Josef Ch

                              I was observing from my backyard early evening. Now I am working on agenda for 10/19 RAC Outreach meeting.

                              10 day weather forecast looks better for Friday 10/10 see https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/us/mn/lanesboro/55949?cm_ven=localwx_10day

                              Randy H

                                Looks like Friday night weather is deteriorating. Is there any interest in Thursday night at Keller?



                                  Keller on Thursday looks good, but i would have to
                                  pack it in early for work the next day…unless its an
                                  exceptional night and i call off due to some unforseen
                                  star sickness 😉

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