Frontenac Summer

Old Frontenac Outlook
On Saturday, July 29, a long-planned astronomical observation took place in Frontenac State Park. Fortunately, the weather was nice and clear. People can especially enjoy walking the various trails in…

Supernova in M101

Japanese astronomer Koichi Itagaki on May 18 2023 discovered supernova in the Galaxy M101 Pinwheel. Supernova was designated with name SN 2023ixf and it is about 21 million light years…

March Northern lights

NOAA forecast
On the evening of March 23, NOAA predicted increased auroral activity in the auroral ring over Greenland and Canada. This activity was expected to affect Minnesota at a lower intensity….

Astronomy League Double stars list

Table based on observing program Double Stars file DS-MasterObjectList2021.pdf # Name RA DEC Mag Sep Pos. Angle Last WDS measure 1 Eta Cassiopeiae 00h 49m.1 +57° 49′ 3.5, 7.4 13.4″ 326°…