Welcome! Now that you have joined, here are some helpful hints for integrating with the club and making the most of your membership.

Get Connected

The RAC uses two primary ways to communicate with its members.

Email Distribution List – We send out emails that relate to club business, meetings, and events. To get on this list, sign up for the “members@rochesterskies.org” email group with this link:


You can also use this link to change your email settings in the future

Discussion Forum – The RAC uses the forum for discussing club business, events or anything astronomy related. To register for the forum, use this link:


Our Social Media presence can be found here:




Space to share: For Members

Come to Club Meetings

The RAC meets on the second Tuesday of each month. These meetings are typically held at RCTC, but the location can change for special topics or presentations. At the monthly meetings, we cover club business, share observing stories, plan future events, and enjoy presentations by guest speakers. If you sign up for the Email Distribution List, you will receive a reminder email with the meeting agenda, location, and time a few days prior to the meeting. Use this link to find out about meeting events: https://rochesterskies.org/calendar/cat_ids~4/

Come to Events

The RAC has monthly Night Sky Viewing events that are typically open to the public. At these events, club members set up telescopes in a designated location and share observing experiences with each other and often, the public. These events are a great way to get to know each other and learn from each other. Check out “What to expect at RAC Night Sky Viewing Events” for more information.The RAC also hosts special outings and “Star-B-Q” parties. To see a list of club events, check the calendar here: https://rochesterskies.org/calendar/

Get Involved

The RAC has an active Outreach Program that is dedicated to integrating the club with our community. The Outreach Team works with local organizations to plan joint events so that we can provide education and experiences related to astronomy. The team is always looking to expand its membership so that we can better serve our community and bring more people into the amazing world of astronomy. If you are interested in joining the Outreach Team, send us an email

Join the Night Sky Network

The RAC is a member of the Night Sky Network, which is an organization funded by NASA to promote astronomy club activity and interaction with the public. Joining the Night Sky Network is free and exposes you to national astronomy events and resources for learning more about astronomy and how to engage with others that may be eager to learn about astronomy from you. To join the RAC Night Sky Network group, use this link: https://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/club-apply.cfm?Club_ID=1040&ApplicantType=Public

Check out the Astronomical League

Included with your RAC membership is membership with the Astronomical League. The Astronomical League is an organization that unites astronomy clubs and provides resources for the clubs and their members. Not only does the Astronomical League provide a wealth of information for astronomers, it also has education and observing awards programs for its members. You can find out more information here: https://www.astroleague.org/