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    Rough directions: (From Rochester)
    Hwy 52 South, Through Chatfield, Preston
    At Harmony: Stay on 52 as it turns East.
    After 8.2 miles, Continue on Hwy 44 to Spring Grove. (Hwy 52 turns right and goes South.)
    Continue on Hwy 44 13.0 miles through Mabel, into Spring Grove.
    At Hwy 16 turn right (South).
    Proceed 4.7 miles. At the top of a good sized hill, you will enter Iowa (about 500 feet).
    Flatin farm is the first Driveway on the right.
    You may need to proceed about 1000 feet on the driveway before you see others. Next to the Lone Tree Grill & Refreshments.

    I'll try to get GPS Cordinates, but google is not cooperating right now. I'll post the link on the Star Parties thread.