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bernie engels

    I made it out to Keller last night for about 90 minutes.  The parking lot was still not plowed.  I managed to drive in about 30 feet(and barely got back out, later!)
    Sky looked good compared to my backyard in Rochester, but still alot of light from Roch.  Some high clouds moved through from time to time, but I was only there to work on memorizing my constellations, so not a huge deal.  Highlight was 3 meteors from 3 different areas in the sky.
    I found out real quick that it is hard to manage a book in one hand, light in the other, and binoculars, all the while looking up to the heavens. 
    question…. do most of you you as headlamp(as opposed to a hand held light)?
    Dean… I did bite the bullet and ordered the Orion 9×50 rt angle illuminated.  It should arrive today, but, based on the forcast, I have no idea when I will get to use it. :-\