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Dean Johnson

    Did anyone get out to take a look at the Jupiter/Moon conjuntion? Jupiter was only about one degree above and to the left of the Moon at 6-6:30 p.m. I got my binoculars out and it was stunning. I would have gotten my telescope out to see if I could get them in the same FOV, but did not have enough time, because I had to work bar bingo at the Legion.

    In my 15X70 binoculars it was simply awesome. They both easily fit in the same FOV. I could see 2 of the Galileans to the lower left and one to the upper right. Betty came out and saw the two to the lower left. Laura came out with no coat and little shorts on, lasted for 10 seconds and saw Jupiter and the Moon, said "Thanks Dad", then bolted back to comfort inside the house.

    I got a couple of my neighbors to look at it and they really liked it. What a show! I'd have blown off the bingo work if I had known how close a pass this came to be.

    I hope that lots of you got to see what I did, either naked eye or through binoculars. It was a VERY brief, but AGNFA!!