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Dean Johnson

    Wow! What a night at Eagle Bluff! The RAC had (in order of appearance, I think) Alan Cameron, myself, Ellenvega, Chris Julie and son Joe, Luka and Jerome and Jillissa.

    I journaled as usual, and while I didn't get everything, this is what I have: Antares and M4, M17 the Swan Nebula, M53 globular in Canes Venatici (no NGC 5053), M22, M51 & NGC 5195, M17 again, M11 the Wild Duck, M72 & M73 (Allen needed these), Comet Garrad near Zeta Sagittae and M71 (Luka did some fabulous imaging on this, show at the next meeting PLEASE!) M57, M27, Collinder 399 the Coathanger, Andromeda galaxy M31 w/M32 and M110, the Perseus Double Cluster, the Alpha Perseus association, Alcor & Mizar A&B, Jupiter w/3 moons and the 4th, Io, appeared about one half hour later, M45 the Pleadies, a brilliant meteor that Julie spotted in southern Perseus, M76 the Little Dumbell, "Kirk's doubles" in Lyra, a lengthy discussion on Aldebaran, the Hyades and the Pleadies and how they give an excellent example of the dimension of depth in space, M37 M36 & M38/NGC 1907, M35 w/NGC 2158, Sigma Orionis, the Orion Nebula and the usual featureless look at the tiny disc of Mars.

    Most of us packed up at 4 a.m. and watched meteors for another 45 minutes. Everyone but Luka stayed till 4, Joe was very proud of his Celestron starter scope, eyepieces and Moon filters, and kudos to Ellenvega. That girl can really starhop!

    It was A Glorious Night For Astronomy!