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Rick Murray

         Last night was a good steady atmosphere for around here. I, too, went to the Virgo cluster bringing in M98, 99, 100, 85, & 104. With the addition of M85 that brings my Messier object count to 104. Six to go and all in the Virgo galaxy cluster.
         Then I tuned my sights to Leo finding the Tri – M95, 96 & 105, then the Duo M65, & 66. Then on to Ursa Major finding M81, & 82. The Cigar Galaxy was especially bright last night. I could make out much more features than at any time before. Then over to M108 & M97-PN, then to M51 the Whirlpool.
         By that time my favorite Globular Cluster was available – M13. I love it when the Globulars are back in season. One last look at Saturn and I carted my 12" Dob back into the garage. All this from my driveway – with street lights across the road. The sky was very steady last night! Wanted to stay out longer, but need sleep for work. It was AGNFA.