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Jeff Newland

    I got out there pretty early last night and watched the stars come out.  There was already a car there.  A couple of gentlemen, John and Chris, were out looking for woodcock.  They came back to their car.  Quite a few stars were coming out.  I showed them Venus (as noted elsewhere, a very thin crescent, very nice).  Saturn was up high enough.  I was able to bring it in between the branches of the trees.  They were quite impressed.  I pointed out some of the other stars, the Winter triangle (Sirius, Procyon, Betelgeuse), Rigel, Orion and his belt, Aldebaran.  They did have binoculars with them.  I pointed John in the direction of Pleiades (not yet visible) and he was able see it and was quite surprised to see such a nice little cluster, like a little dipper.  I told him that later when it gets darker, he'll be able to see it naked eye, it'll first appear as a fuzziness.  By the time they left, it was dark enough and they were able to see it.  All in all, they were quite pleased and impressed with what they saw.  I directed them to our website.  It is possible they may show up some time at a meeting or an outreach event. 
    Scott came before they left.  Scott said that the likelihood he would come out to Keller was now 100%…  not 85%.  🙂
    As noted, Scott had a productive night.  Luka and Brandon were still there after I left.