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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I made it out there for 3 hours tonight. I would have gotten more, but our church needed workers so I did the last shift and was able to scramble to the Flatin Farm hayfield by 8 p.m. The Moon had already risen, but I got nice observations on Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and the Moon.

    My planetary observations will go toward the Planetary Observer's certificate, and my Lunar II observation was on the crater Hercules, Hercules G and Hercules E. It was a very informative look into one of the Moon's more notable craters. 8)

    Neptune was easy to find, but Uranus was a lot more difficult, due the the Moon's proximity.

    Jupiter (as always) was awesome. Three moons, one to the west and two to the east. The Great Red Spot was center on at first, then moved to the west. The fourth moon never did show.