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Dean Johnson

    Well, I finally got around to making copies of my Binocular Deep Sky List. Besides doing the 60 objects listed I submitted 4 others for extra credit: 61 Cygni (the very near double star that was the first object whose distance was measured by trianglar parallax), NGC 2362 (the Tau Canis Majoris cluster), NGC 7293 the Helix Nebula (a big favorite of mine) and NGC 7000 the North American Nebula.

    I probably spent about five or six hours going through my journals, copying them and double checking to make sure I had every observation down. I found that I had made two observations of only one object, the open cluster NGC 1342. Not bad.

    Here's hoping the observations "fly" and that my old buddy Mike Benson (the double star guy that took six months to review my double star observations) is a little quicker this time around. (He was very good with my Binocular Messier list).

    Clear skies! ;D