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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! ;D I made it out again on a 1st quarter moonlit night, but that's OK because the Moon was what I was after. I have to say that I have a ton of respect for anyone going after the Lunar 100 program. I've found the Moon is a lot tougher object to observe than what I thought it was going to be. With the features changing daily (sometimes hourly) from the shadows, and having to check and recheck my lunar atlases because of shadows and reverse image from my star diagnol, it really takes some time to know you're getting it right.

    I was out for six and a half hours and bagged 13 Lunar 100's. (I'd take them anyday over Marlboro 100's). I've got 58 so far.

    The Moon was very close to Mars tonight. I could see them both together easily in binoculars and even got them in the same field in my telescope at closest approach with a 50mm ocular. (The extreme south polar lunar region and Mars just above the other edge in my FOV)

    After I ran out of Lunar 100's (they only give you so many to light up each night), I checked out Saturn and saw that the air was very stable. Cassini's Division crisp, four moons, atmosphere banding and even a little planet shadow on the rings. Pretty nice.

    I finished by trying some close double stars and was amazed at how easily Epsilon Lyra, Epsilon Bootes and 38 Lynxcis split. I should have tried Gamma Virginis, but didn't think of it till I got home. Oh well, can't think of everything.  :-[

    I saw one nice meteor shoot across the back of Leo's hindquarters about 2:15 a.m. Direction ENE to WSW, color white with a hint of yellow-green, duration a half second and mag. about 2-2.5.

    It was a glorious night for astronomy!