Nice May night

Soccer fields 2018-12-16
Soccer fields parking 2018-December-16. Click for full version in new tab
Salem Glen parking 2019 January 6. Click for full version in new tab

RAC outreach program continues already the third year.  Public observing is about once a month after dusk, when Moon  is in about the first quarter. It’s mostly conducted from the Watson soccer field. This Winter we found, that soccer field parking would not be plowed, so we could not safely use it for observing, especially in such snowy Winter. Fortunately club member Dustin Ebert offered  conduct observing form his plowed parking at Salem Glen. Visitors could warm up in his winery, and there was big monitor ready for presentation in case of bad weather. For each event, there were people interested in night sky, even in frigidit weather, ready to go outside to observer even for short time. Sometimes they came with own small telescope asking for advice or sharing their passion.

Observation for April 12 was planned again for  soccer field, but due to cloudy weather it had to be cancelled. So the first public observation in warm weather with many visitors happened on Friday May 10. I was really joy to see people of all ages to be interested in observing. There were more then seven members with their telescopes.

Planet Mars left of the tree.
Planet Mars left of the tree. Jeff Newland and his telescopes. Click for full version in new tab
John Martin provided bionocular 80x20 mount on pararelogram
John Martin provided binocular 80×20 mounted on paralelogram. Click for full version in new tab
Bob Fealey is mastering 4.5" Orion Dobson.
Bob Fealey is mastering 4.5″ Orion Dobson. Click for full version in new tab
View to East horizon
View to East horizon. Click for full version in new tab
















Table of the Friday evening Public Sky Observing in 2019

2019 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Day 11 08 155 12 10 07 05 095 06 04 01 065
Start 6 7 8 8:30 9:00 9:30 9:45 9 8 7 6 6
End 7 8 10 10:30 11:00 11:30 11:45 11 10 9 8 7
☽ age 4.3 3.7 9.1 7.7 6.3 5.0 3.7 9.7 8.3 6.7 5.1 9.8
Planets ♆,♂,⛢ ♂,⛢ ⛢,♂ ☿,♂,♃;⚳ ♃,♄;⚳ ♃,♄;⚳ ♃,♄,♆;⚳ ♃,♄,♆ ♃,♄,♆, ♀,♄,♆,⛢

Symbols: Moon ☽, Mercury ☿, Venus ♀, Mars ♂, Jupiter ♃, Saturn ♄, Uranus ⛢ (or ♅), Neptune ♆; Dwarf planet Ceres ⚳
Day upper index5 means 5 weeks gap instead of regular 4 weeks