An evening with the lunar eclipse

January 21, 2019 at 9:00 PM dozens of members of the Rochester community join the RAC to brave the cold and enjoy the total lunar eclipse. The temperature dropped to a chilling -5. With the light breeze that accompanied the clear night, making it feel even colder. 

Although the air was cold, the skies were clear. With the Moon bright and high in the sky, the eclipse began around 9:30PM. Talking to the community, I’m reminded of the curiosity that the moon can provide. Originally, I didn’t intend to take photos of the eclipse. But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  

Here is a mosaic of the photos I took that night.

In the upper center position, you will notice a faint blue band across the moon. This is caused by some of the sunlight passing though a very specific part of our atmosphere. 

Below is a simple video I crafted from most of the  photos I took that night. 

Because of the temperature and the constantly changing of brightness in the images, things like ISO, and exposure varied widely.

I started taking photos around 9:30 that evening, and wrapped up just as the moon turned completely red. I would have taken more photos, but all of my batteries died from the cold. So I have roughly 130 photos that make up the video clip. Now I was having issues stabilizing the images, so the video is a little shaky.