Frontenac Summer

Old Frontenac Outlook
Old Frontenac Outlook with Moon

On Saturday, July 29, a long-planned astronomical observation took place in Frontenac State Park. Fortunately, the weather was nice and clear. People can especially enjoy walking the various trails in the park. For example, the Lower Bluffside Trail Loop takes you all the way down to the Mississippi River here called Lake Pepin.
Members of the Rochester Astronomy Club arrived at the park during daylight hours, but mostly a little later than planned. The roads between Rochester and Frontenac were being repaired, so there was an opportunity to take a ride through some unfamiliar, if very scenic, countryside.
The public astronomical observation took place on the loop of the gravel parking lot. The surrounding lawn is suitable for picnicking. There is a multi-purpose building near the parking lot, and club president Randy Hemann gave an astronomy talk to visitors there after sunset before full dark.
Volunteers helped visitors find the lecture site and later the observing site.
Visitors were able to view the 11.7 day old moon in telescopes after dark with many formations that stood out especially on the terminator and many other objects. They could even see the ISS, if only with their own eyes. But the really faint objects were not visible this time due to the light of the too bright Moon.

Frontenac Lower Trail will also take you to the river Mississippi.
Moon between branches above pink Venus belt.
Observing site with RAC sign
Bob’s Orion 4.5 inch StarBlast telescope is ready.
Mike is getting ready his telescope on tripod equatorial mount.
Multifunctional building close to the observing site.
There was an astronomical presentation in dusk hour before observing.
Randy Hemann talks about stars.
Meade LX200 10″ telescope is aligned to stars Arcturus and Antares and it’s ready to observe.