Supernova in M101

Supernova 2023ixf in M101 Pinwheel Galaxy recorded by Robert Fealey from his observatory in Rochester MN

Japanese astronomer Koichi Itagaki on May 18 2023 discovered supernova in the Galaxy M101 Pinwheel. Supernova was designated with name SN 2023ixf and it is about 21 million light years distant.

Galaxy Messier 101  is well known to the amateur astronomers and it’s easy to find it close to the handle of Big Dipper. Now it’s passing every evening local meridian about 10 degrees North of Zenith.

Location of the M101 in constellation Ursa Major next to the handle of Big Dipper.
M101 at meridian on June 1st 10:33 PM. M101 is one of the vertices of the triangle along with Mizar and Alkaid.

Screen capture images above are from and M101 is passing meridian every evening 4 minutes sooner.
Astronomer Robert Fealey published his picture of the M101 with supernova on May 28th at forum.

Author: Robert Fealey – M101 with supernova 2023ixf on May 28th, estimated 11th magnitude.


Author: Robert Fealey, blink comparison with an online photo from Sky and Telescope.