Newsletter Spring 2024

Issue #34 of the Rochester Astronomy Club Newsletters has been published. In this issue: Feature Story Conferences Spring Messier Members Honored Astrophotography Aprils Eclipse Astrolabe Rochester’s Sky Astronomy Puzzle You can download this issue in color HERE You can download this issue in Black and White HERE
Sola Fide observatory, Austin MN

Cedar River Club meeting in Austin

The Cedar River Astronomy Club in Austin, MN has meeting on Friday 2/9/24 on 7 PM. See more at The Cedar River Astronomy Club‘s mission is to connect people with interest in astronomy and give hands on experience exploring the night sky while helping with outreach at the Sola Fide Observatory. In 1993, the Cedar River Astronomy Club was […]

Winter 2023 Newsletter has been published!

Issue #33 of the Rochester Astronomy Club Newsletters has been published. In this issue: Winter Outlook Winter Messier Astrophotography September Meeting Partial Eclipse Astrolabe Feature Article Rochester’s Sky Astronomy Puzzle You can download this issue HERE
Old Frontenac Outlook

Frontenac Summer

On Saturday, July 29, a long-planned astronomical observation took place in Frontenac State Park. Fortunately, the weather was nice and clear. People can especially enjoy walking the various trails in the park. For example, the Lower Bluffside Trail Loop takes you all the way down to the Mississippi River here called Lake Pepin. Members of the Rochester Astronomy Club arrived […]

Supernova in M101

Japanese astronomer Koichi Itagaki on May 18 2023 discovered supernova in the Galaxy M101 Pinwheel. Supernova was designated with name SN 2023ixf and it is about 21 million light years distant. Galaxy Messier 101  is well known to the amateur astronomers and it’s easy to find it close to the handle of Big Dipper. Now it’s passing every evening local […]
NOAA forecast

March Northern lights

On the evening of March 23, NOAA predicted increased auroral activity in the auroral ring over Greenland and Canada. This activity was expected to affect Minnesota at a lower intensity. The aurora was clearly visible to the naked eye even from light-polluted Rochester. One could even suspect that the streaks and clouds had some color tint. The color stands out […]
40 Eridani

40 Eridani B

Robert Fealey published on October 21st on forum post including beautiful picture above: The December Sky and Telescope mag motivated me to get out early this morning and see if I could observe and photograph “The First White Dwarf” star in 40 Eridani; the latter is a triple star with the B component a white dwarf. In the attached […]

Sirius B

On the 7th annual Star_BQ Sunday morning October 26, 2014 Dean Johnson had an idea to look at Sirius B. At first I didn’t understand what Dean was talking about, why should we look at bright Sirius. I realized later that he meant Sirius B, a weak companion of the brightest star in the sky, which only a few people […]

Carbon star V Aql

V Aquilae (V Aql) is a carbon star and semiregular variable star in the constellation Aquila. It has an apparent magnitude which varies between 6.6 and 8.4 and is located around 1,300 light years away. Star has significant red color, which is more highlighted in medium size and bigger telescopes, temperature 2800K. It can be find even by binocular under […]

Lunar Eclipse

I stayed up for the 93% lunar eclipse that was visible very early Friday morning. I didn’t setup my telescope because I thought the clouds and wind were going to ruin it but it actually turned out to be an incredibly beautiful night. Through binoculars it was the best lunar eclipse I’ve yet witnessed. I caught this series of photos […]