RAC Forum Migration


We have migrated the original RAC forum to a new platform that will better integrate with the RAC website and allow us to make some nice enhancements in the near future. If you used our original forum, your user account, posts and photos / media attachments have been migrated to the new forum.

Original forum: https://rochesterskies.org/forums

New forum: https://rochesterskies.org/forum

If your account was migrated from the original forum to the new forum, you will first have to reset your password by visiting this link:

Enter your forum username or the email address that you used on the original forum
Click “Get New Password”
You should receive an email with the link to resetting your password within a few minutes. If you do not, please check your spam folder.
At this time, self-registrations for new forum users is disabled as we work through some security accommodations.  In the meantime, if you would like to join our forum, please visit the Contact page and send us a request to be added. Someone will contact you to get you set up.
Clear Skies!