Frontenac 11/6

Mississippi from the Frontenac State Park on November 6 2021. Old Frontenac Overlook.

Visitors of the Frontenac State Park had on Saturday November 6 opportunity to see celestial object through telescopes. There were three stations with telescopes on parking loop in short distance from beautiful overlook. People could watch sliver only four days old Moon above southwest horizon not so far from brilliant Venus. On South were shining Jupiter and Saturn. And of course throu telescopes there was visible plethora of star clusters, planetary nebulas, double stars, galaxies etc.

According to ranger after 7 PM drove to the event 24 cars and by his estimate this event could visit maybe up to 150 people.

Sliver of the Moon is setting down
Venus and Moon above southwest horizon
Jupiter and Saturn (hight left) above South horizon. RAC members are setting their telescope equipment.
Visitors are observing through John’s Newtonian telescope on the equatorial mount.
View of the East horizon through parking lot trees with lights on Mississippi river banks.
Pleiades (M45) rising above East horizon through tree branches.
Mike’s observing station. One can see Big Dipper including double start Mizar and Alcor.

Laser pointer helps visitors to understand constellations and the location of various celestial objects.

Randy’s station included 18″ Dobsonian, 150mm binocular, image projector and more.

Event was advertised in the Republican Eagle and maybe in another media.