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    Randy H

      Just a note extending an invitation for club members who are available to help out with a pretty cool opportunity on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River at Frontenac State Park Saturday on the evening Oct 2nd. There is a backup rain date for this event Oct 9th, but I’m hoping we can do something more locally then.

      The event is being well advertised by the state park and local news outlets in Red Wing, Lake City, and possibly here in Rochester. It is always hard to estimate the crowd size but they estimate it could be 50 – 200 people. So we need some of our club members to help! With scopes, binocs, laser pointers, knowledge, or the gift of gab.

      The site is up on the bluffs at what is called their “picnic area”. There are a few more trees there than I would like, but it’s doable if we spread out and find our windows of opportunity. There is one area that, if my phone’s planetarium app is correct, will provide a breathtaking view of Jupiter and Saturn framed directly over the river.

      There’s a ranger office at the park’s entry that club members will check in. The park fee will be covered. Then you drive up a windy road to get to the picnic area.

      Note that the state parks cannot request visitors to the park attest to or be vaccinated. They recommend masks for anyone who cannot maintain safe distancing when outside and you must wear masks if you are inside any of their structures include bathroom facilities. So bring a mask.

      There is also a vendor associated with the park who wants to provide refreshments during the event. I’m still trying to respond to his inquiry.

      Again, weather permitting, this could be a nice big event to hold in the best time of the year for public outreach as long as you feel safe participating. Let me know if you have any questions by posting on the RAC forum (to respect everyone’s email boxes). Check for any updates or cancellation/postponement news on our site or theirs.

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