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    Randy H

      The weather forecast for the Dark Sky Festival this weekend (August 20) is not looking favorable at this time. Nevertheless, here is the plan. We are scheduled for two times on Saturday. the first event is 3-6 pm at the Mystery Cave Visitor Center (Map 4 on attachment).

      The second event is the evening public sky viewing, and despite what is stated on the attached event brochure, takes place at the Forestville parking area, which I showed pictures of at our last meeting, from 8-10:30. Maps 1 through 4). Note that the two areas are 6 miles apart and there is pretty good signage on Highway 5 directing you in. About a mile into the Forestville are, you will stop at the park office to identify yourself at a volunteer for the public viewing event. the parking lot is at the end of the paved road, ending right before the now defunct historic Forestville bridge.

      Cell phone coverage is (at least for ATT) is zero bars at both venues, but 2-3 bars on Highway 5.

      I will post a go/no go here in the forum and hopefully on our front-page calendar of our webpage if I hear anything from the park’s office, and/or on the day of the event by the noon hour at the latest.





      Randy H

        The event is still a “go”. I’ll be at Mystery Cave from 3-6. (I have an indoor presentation ready if cloudy).

        The evening event is on from 8-10:30 in the Forestville parking lot just before you get to the historic bridge. I’ll be over there around 7pm. Be sure to stop at the park office on the way in and say you’re a volunteer and they will give you a free pass.

        Come if you want. Not sure the skies will cooperate very well!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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