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Josef Ch

    Thanks, Jeff. I was not aware of that.
    Randy wrote on May 1st at http://rochesterskies.org/forums/index.php?topic=657.msg6673#msg6673

    The Choral Arts Ensemble's "Music of the Spheres" concert is on Saturday May 6 at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church here in Rochester. (1212 12th Ave NW)
    The concert concludes around 9pm and they are asking if we could provide some astronomical viewing just after the show as folks leave.
    Let me know if you'd be free.  A waning gibbous moon and Jupiter with its satellites and Great Red Spot should be viewable weather permitting.

    So it looks like this event is intended for people leaving concert.
    For "Music of Speres" so far responded Bob Fealey and you.

    I am committed to "soccer field" with Mike Carlin and I saw also response from John Attewell.

    I think we can handle both events. Soccer field we can publicly broadcast, I sent email to Randy and Bill this morning.