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Dave Gross

    Good showing at Eagle Bluff last night.  Alan Cameron, Robert and Diana Erhart, Jeff Newland, Jack Morgren and John Attewell.  Steve Remick came out to visit and help me spot a few (of the many) Messier's I have left.  Was good to see him.

    A few naturalists from Eagle Bluff stopped out to take a few peeks and to discuss astronomy, missions to Mars and quilters.

    Saw Saturn and one moon (Titan?) before it slipped down behind the trees.

    I got a few Globs in Ophiuchus (M10, M12 and M14).  Couldn't see M107 or M9.  Although the skies were clear, it was pretty murky especially towards the southern horizon.

    I picked off M70 in Sagittarius, but couldn't find M69.  And I got M2 in Aquarius.  Tried for M72 and M73, but couldn't get them.

    Liking my new Alt-Az mount, red dot finder and tennis ball vibration dampening system (they really work!).  😀

    I left around 11pm preceded by Robert and Diana.  Don't know how many stayed late.

    All in all, AGENFA (A Good Enough Night)

    Looking forward to hearing how Okie-Tex went.

    — Dave