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Randy H

    [quote author=bernie engels link=topic=233.msg6017#msg6017 date=1407195520]
    Can anyone recommend a good app for my Samsung tablet?  I've been using Google sky map on my android phone, but would like something a bit more advanced for the larger screen.
    Thanks in advance!

    SkySafari just came out with its android version update earlier this year: http://www.southernstars.com/products/skysafari_android/skysafari_pro.html

    I got the iOS Pro version for my iPad and phone a couple years ago and it truly can run both of my scopes.
    To be honest, there is no other planetarium app on the market that comes anywhere close to the features and depth of catalogs in this software.
    Three versions to choose from.  Since it's new to the android platform, I'm not sure if it's buggy or not, but has operated extremely stable for me. 
    You can check out more on their yahoo group.  I can show you more in person anytime.