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Dean Johnson

    Steve and I got out last night. We could see the Beehive quite well. Looked great in binoculars. Steve showed me the supernova in M82, but he said it appears to be fading. I could still see it with direct vision.

    I showed Steve and Dale and Sue Scobie the "Diamond Ring" asterism that Polaris is part of, and then finished off the short night with the carbon star X Cancri. That was suprisingly easy to find. I cold even see it in my finderscope. It is bright, near maxima instead of minima and I thought that the mag. was about 6.5. Not a deep red, but a bright orange red. Pretty cool.

    I don't know about next weekend. It is still predicted to be very cold. We'll see.

    Kudos to ANYONE that gets out in temps like this. I now have one observing session for Dec. Jan. and Feb.