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Dean Johnson

    I nailed down Byrgius A for my Lunar II observations last night. It was not hard to find at all even at 80X. I wonder why I hadn't observed this before? Byrgius A is a relatively fresh crater on the eastern edge of its larger and older namesake Byrgius. B-A has that nice splash of bright sub-surface material that was picked up from the impact.

    Last night was the 'Byrgius A at Lunar sunrise' observation, now all I need is 'Byrgius A at Lunar midday' and Rimae Tresnecker. I can get them both in one shot sometime next week. Maybe at Randy's?  8)

    Mars was beautiful last night. The combination of bright moonlight to cut down Mars' glare and an absence of wind made for very steady seeing. A nice polar cap and lots of dark markings. What I wouldn't have given for double the magnification and having Mars nearly twice as close! June of 2018 will be a 'Red Planet letter' date on my calendar. Until then, we'll have to lobby for a 30" EVO peek. ;D