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    The night turned out much better than I expected. The wind wasn't an issue, the clouds disapeared or didn't obstruct where we were lookings.

    I learned a good deal more about out equipment. Itching to get our Telrad mounted so it's all ready for the Messier Marathon this weekend. But even more, learned more about the eye pieces that we have.

    Thanks Jeff and Luka! 

    Some might call it eye peice envy (can you ever have enough). They borrowed their eye pieces and I (we) compared how it perfromed on our OTA. WoW. What a difference a good glass can make!

    I've heard it said that good eye pieces can make a good scope perfrom great. I SEE what they mean.  (Those of you who have been getting the Nagler and Ethos all along, this should be a confirmation of why.)

    On Sunday, Julie and I debated what kind of lenses to upgrade our scope.  How far up the scale do you go, how much to invest in 1-1/4inch eye peices — especially since we plan on purchasing a 10-12-14 in light bucket, which will have 2 inch eye pieces. Thanks for the tip from Luka that you can get an 1-1/4 adapter to 2in, but not the other way around.

    One final thought, On Sunday, Julie and I realized that there wasn't any dew when we were out. That was nice.

    Looking forward to Friday Night and warm temperatures — and praying that it clears up.