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Jeff Newland

    A couple of good nights at Keller.  Rebecca,  glad you had a good time on Thursday night. 

    Friday night turned out to be a good night, too.  I think a little better seeing than on Thursday night.  We had a good time.  Gerarda and I were there.  When we headed out, I started to wonder as some clouds had moved in.  I figured/hoped they would be short lived and clear up.  In a little bit Luka showed up and chased the clouds away.  I'll have to call him St. Luka, he chased the clouds out of Keller.    ;D
    Later, Chris and Julie showed up.  We had good time.  Luka was getting some good images of the Orion Nebula.  We hope he'll post them somewhere for us all to look at when he finishes with them.  The rest of us were just looking at this and that and enjoying the great weather and all the stars.  🙂

    We stayed long enough for Saturn to peek over the top of the trees to the east.  Been a long time since I saw Saturn.  So 4 planets, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn.  Towards the end, took a look at M3, found the Leo Triplet, and Sombrero Galaxy (M104). 

    Not quite sure about tonight, two nights in a row starting to get to me.  🙂  I think it looks like it'll clear, but there could be a bit of a wind out there tonight.