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Dean Johnson

    Crater Grimaldi and its outer basin falls to the telescope and journal. I'm going to be taking Scott's advice on early hour observing seriously if I'm going to complete the Lunar II by winter. His advice is spot on as far as light pollution, dew and soforth. There is also another benefit. Less noise pollution. People are getting their last few hours of rest and very early morning is so nice and quiet. After 5 a.m. that changes in a hurry.

    Note to Mr. Gorp: Take advantage of that patio, Bud. Drag that Double Star 100 list out. With your fine Maksutov, plus that really sweet Orion SkyView Pro mount, you could have hours and hours of beautiful, fun, peaceful observing from the comforts of your own home. I would love to see you get that one done.

    See you all tomorrow night! And remember, Eagle Bluff needs us Thursday night. Sheila called me and said there will be 50 7th graders and their chaperones there.