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    Kirk and I went south of town and checked out a park in a neighborhood, with a little Jason refractor donated to the club and a pair of binos. It had a good southern view but that stinkin' comet was hiding well below the horizon.

    We did have fun spotting constellations in a less that adequate sky and spotted three or four satellites. It's rather humorous when you are directing attention via a star only to find that the star you are using as a guide is sliding across the sky! 🙂

    I saw a couple of tiny meteors as well. Had the sky been better, they might not have been so tiny.

    We looked at Mars near the hive as well. The beehive wasn't that impressive in the small refractor either under those skies either, but a sight non-the-less.

    We also watched clouds on the horizon actively display great electrical powers?pretty cool.

    Kirk, what else did we look at?

    We then proceeded to WistleBinkie's for more astronomy discussion…