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    Observing and doing some astrophotography 10/8 from my observatory. Skies were dark and clear but humidity high. Tried my hand for first time photographing nebulae. M 27 (Dumbell) was a good starting point for me and it is well placed in the sky these nights. Used my right angle finder scope (50mm dia.) with removable eyepiece and put in the Orion 6.3Mpixel camera in place of the eyepiece. I kept exposures short (20 seconds typically) as I am still not savvy with the PHD guiding app and setup. Anyway I did get some interesting photos one of which is below. While grainy, small and a bit noisy and stars slightly out of round the 20 second image of Dumbell amazed me at least with its ability to capture the different colors of the nebula and stars. (Will need to talk to Mike C concerning the problem I have with guiding).