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Sky moments

On December 6th 2021 evening there was a beautiful conjunction of the 3.1 days old Moon and Venus in Sagittarius above South West horizon. There is a star h2 Sgr 4.55 mag between Moon and Venus. Moon was 10 % illuminated, Venus 23 %. Canon Rebel T6, 1s, ISO 1600, 50mm, f2.8

Lunar Eclipse

I stayed up for the 93% lunar eclipse that was visible very early Friday morning. I didn’t setup my telescope because I thought the clouds and wind were going to ruin it but it actually turned out to be an incredibly beautiful night. Through binoculars it was the best lunar eclipse I’ve yet witnessed. I caught this series of photos […]
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Andromeda and Triangle

There are two galaxies on northern sky visible by naked eye: Andromeda M31 and and Triangle M33. Related links: 1:β Andromedae AKA Mirach region, 2:M31 AND M33 AS SEEN FROM CENTRAL PA, 3:GAUGING LIGHT POLLUTION: THE BORTLE DARK-SKY SCALE, 4:THE EYES HAVE IT — DEEP-SKY OBSERVING WITHOUT EQUIPMENT, 5:DEEP-SKY OBSERVING WITHOUT EQUIPMENT, PART II — THE WINTER SKY, 6:HOW DARK […]

Frontenac 11/6

Visitors of the Frontenac State Park had on Saturday November 6 opportunity to see celestial object through telescopes. There were three stations with telescopes on parking loop in short distance from beautiful overlook. People could watch sliver only four days old Moon above southwest horizon not so far from brilliant Venus. On South were shining Jupiter and Saturn. And of […]

RAC Forum Migration

Hello! We have migrated the original RAC forum to a new platform that will better integrate with the RAC website and allow us to make some nice enhancements in the near future. If you used our original forum, your user account, posts and photos / media attachments have been migrated to the new forum. Original forum: New forum: […]
N Cas 2021

Nova Cas 2021

A bright nova ignited in the constellation Cassiopeia, which is also available in the binoculars. The current brightness is around 7.8 mag (March 19, 2021) and still is getting brighter. Nova was given the designation Nova Cas 2021. It can be found close to the M52. The flare of the nova discovered Japanese Yuji Nakamura March 18, 2021 as an […]