Morning Mercury

Morning Mercury under Moon
Morning Mercury under Moon. On upper right from the Moon is bright Venus, under Venus is Spica in Virgo. On upper left is Arcturus in Bootes.

Weather permitting, second half of the November is a good time to see Mercury on East horizon before sunrise!

To spot Mercury can be difficult. On Friday November 13 2020 it was actually very easy. Mercury was visible under sliver of the Moon between two trees, as you can see on picture taken at 5:52 AM (exposure 1.3s, ISO 800). On beautiful morning scenery was also Morning star – Venus. Under Venus was visible star Spica from the constellation Virgo. On right side are four stars of the constellation Corvus. In the upper left corner is Arcturus from constellation Bootes. There is also an artifact of the flying airplane.

Mercury will be visible on the morning sky till beginning of the December. More information can be find for example at theSkyLive.

Below is a picture of the Mercury taken by smartphone.Above the Mercury is much brighter Venus and Spica. Click on the image to open it into new tab.

Mercury low on morning horizon 11/17 6:08 AM
Mercury low on morning horizon 11/17 6:08 AM by smartphone

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