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      This forum is a bit cold and dark… it doesn’t have to be. Or maybe it does… If we don’t communicate here, maybe we should jettison it from the website, like two droids escaping a compromised Corvette class starship towards Tatooine, or Spock’s casket shot into deep space. The RAC page could be strictly informational… an internet billboard. Spot it, read it, and drive on by.

      If anybody is interested in conversing here, add on with your own recent endeavors. I’ll see if I can get this started with my own current astronomy adventures.

      I went through my old journals (after digging them up from various places buried in my abode) and realized I should turn in some of my lists to the AL for certificates. I had been adding to them thinking I’d one day turn them in together. There’s not much I can do to further my journals this week. I haven’t completed the Messier binocular list yet, but it’s much easier from a darker sky than I live under. I know one thing, the Herschel 400 is going to take a while. I only nailed three H400s at my last rendezvous with a dark sky.

      My other adventure with astronomy is financial. I’m saving up for an imaging setup. I don’t know why I want to do this, but I do. There are plenty of others taking spectacular images of every object we can possibly focus on… and yet I still want to take my own pictures of the same things. I guess that’s why so many people show up and take pictures of the pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, etc…). I want to take my own pictures of these astronomical gems, process them myself, and see how it all turns out. But, it’s expensive and it will take me a while. Honestly, I’m glad it’s taking time because I don’t really know what equipment I want. Refractor or reflector? B&W or color? Fast and wide or deep and narrow? Portable or beefier? I want to do it all, but I have to start somewhere.

      Tonight, clouds and Moon… and waiting. Waiting for the next opportunity to enjoy this hobby.

      What are you all up to?


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