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      hello all,
      i have a call for help from Ken Fiscus of Albert Lea to cover a large crowd expected at the Sola Fide Observatory
      in Austin, MN on Saturday, July 6th from 9-11PM. last Saturday about 60 people showed up and they were somewhat
      understaffed. this time the local paper is running a story about the reboot of the Observatory and many more attendees
      are expected. if you can come with scope or binos it will be greatly appreciated. please contact Ken at "kfiscus@centurylink.net"
      with any questions or concerns. all are invited scope or no scope!
      clear skies,


        I went to this last night. They had a headcount of 68 people! We had two telescopes going, so people formed lines. It went very well! I plan to go back

        Luka B

          Ken is doing an public observing outreach on July 20th for the Apollo anniversary, just like us. If you don't like Oxbow, head on over to Sola Fide observatory in Austin.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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