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    Josef Ch

      At August RAC meeting Kirk reported fireball. I follow up discussion I mentioned my experience with observing meteors by video cameras.
      In 2013 I attended Summer Astronomy  camp at Vlčkov?, Czechia https://goo.gl/maps/rNo4WtCg9592 . Young astronomers were observing one night meteors under leadership of Jakub Koukal. Jakub brought camera and computer, and he pointed camera to the same part of the sky to the Pegasus, if I remember it correctly. If we could see meteor, in the same real time computer beeped.
      Actually Jakub with help of other enthusiasts is running whole network of such cameras (CEMENT), and significant part of Europe is covered by EDMOND  (European viDeo MeteOr Network Database). Once a while really bright fireball is captured, like e.g. http://www.astro.cz/images/obrazky/original/066079.gif

      At September RAC meeting we had presentation about observing meteors by video cameras, and we decided to build our own network.

      We are going to discuss RAC Meteor Network in this thread.

      To observe meteors, very sensitive B&W camera Watec 902H2 is often utilized, see picture below. There are several variations of this camera.
      CCTV Lenses are available in two different lens mounts. "C-Mount" lenses have a flange back distance of 17.526mm vs. 12.5mm for "CS-Mount" lenses. Many of today's cameras can accept either type of lens, but it is important to make sure that camera and lens are compatible and set up properly. C-Mount lenses can be used on CS-Mount cameras by utilizing a 5mm adaptor or adjusting the camera for C-Mount lenses. Because of the shorter back focal distance, CS-Mount lenses can only be used on CS-Mount cameras. Picture will be out of focus if it's  used a CS-Mount lens on a C-Mount camera. It's not possible to use a C-mount camera with a CS-mount lens.

      Nice video  with C/CS mount explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtHm6UIcDhQ

      Actually, I have CS-mount camera Watec 902H2 with CS-mount lens 16mm/f1.4.
      Plus 5mm ring for eventual C-mount lens.

      1. http://www.ukmeteornetwork.co.uk/equipment/
      2. http://www.astrosurf.com/re/meteor.html
      3. http://cams.seti.org/singlecamera.html and http://cams.seti.org/SingleCAMSmanual.pdf

      If meteor is observed from two stations, it is possible to determine its orbit.


        Hello! I am wondering if this has gained any traction? I am interested in helping and possibly setting up a camera / monitor at my home in Elgin to observe the same sky area that any of you all might be observing.

        Captain Kirk

          It would be good to get interested parties together to discuss this project, next steps, etc.


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