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      Just wanted to say that our 12/6/2019 outreach at Oxbow Park was interesting and enjoyable!  Josef has posted cool pics of the event on our website already.  Our outing happened to coincide with Oxbow's ZooDazzle.  While there were bright lights all around and high clouds many of the ZooDazzle attendants were interested in looking at the moon through our telescopes.  Many of these people had never looked through a telescope before.  Other future Oxbow outreach encounters will be done under darker skies (and probably with less of the public attending) … but that's OK too.

      Jeff Newland

        I was wondering if someone else was out there somewhere.  Well, I have my own tale to tell about public observing out at Oxbow on 12/6/2019.  🙂

        Luka B

          Despite only being there for the second half, I too enjoyed it. I'm interested in hearing Jeff's tale!


            Agree with Luka.  What was your experience Jeff!?


              Just to comment, I was there at the ZooDazzle on the 6th but no one knew of the event when I asked. We were there with our grandson around 7:00 to 8:00. Unless I was blind (I am known to have had snakes bite when looking for something) I saw no signs in the main parking lot near Santa?s Igloo. My timing probably was off.


                The lack of signs was my fault. I had some last minute, unscheduled travel to Virginia and ended up staying there for 2 week. The signs were locked in my trailer and the keys were with me. Usually I make accommodations when I know that I am going to be unable to attend an event, but this was last minute and I wasn't very prepared.
                I think this is a good topic to discuss. I don't mind keeping the outreach things in my trailer, there is plenty of room in it. The downside is that I live in Elgin and may not be able to make it to all of the events. At the very least, I will have another set of keys made and left in a place where any of us can get into the trailer if I am not available. But that means a trek to Elgin for someone. Maybe the club can get a small storage unit in Rochester that we can store the club supplies / scopes and have access to?

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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