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Jeff Newland

    Too late Barb, I was already gone.  Sun setting before 7:30, I like to get there around that time.  🙂 
    Somewhat surprising, nobody was saying anything..  so I guess they are still heading down there..  and I went.  🙂
    Nobody there and figured, I guess everyone is smarter than me, oh well.  😀
    Definitely not too could low down.  Jupiter was visible when I got there.  I decided to set up the scope to at least see Jupiter and Saturn.  I found Saturn soon after Jupiter, easy to find at that time, just a little to the left.  Jupiter was nice with all 4 moons strung out on the one side, mother hen and her little chicks following, almost a straight line, really nice.  Hard to pick things out visually in the haze.  The summer triangle was there.  I did find M27, the Dumbbell, surprised me.  Other Messiers were, M13, M11, M57.  The Ring was almost straight up and was easy to see.  I also had the ISS pass starting around 8:03 or so when it came out the soup.  Hard to see things by eye, but using binos or scopes and plenty of stars visible out there.  I left about 9:10 or so.  I was going to wait to see Mars, but I decided there was too much soup to climb up through to wait for it.