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Jeff Newland

    Finally got out this morning.  Agree with everyone else, it is very nice.  I was out at Root River Park maybe about 4:20 or so.  I stopped on the way in to look for it and found it right away with binoculars.  Once I found it, I could make it out naked eye.  It has a nice tail.  I continued on into the parking lot and was able to see it from the parking lot as well.  I would suggest getting out there between 4 and 4:30 or earlier.  By 4:50, I was having trouble finding it with binoculars as the sky was brightening up so fast. 
    In the next few mornings, the moon will be getting closer to the comet and comet will be getting a little lower each day.
    I did try to find it last evening, but no luck.  There were too many clouds and the sky was bright.  Seeing what it was like this morning, I can see why I couldn't see it last night.  I see it will be getting a couple of degrees higher each night in the coming week, so by this weekend it may show up quite well by 10pm or later and will be in the NW.