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Jeff Newland

    Luka,  did you take a look on Saturday or Sunday?  Saturday was great.  Used some binoculars and a telescope.  Venus and the Pleiades were easily in the same field with the binos and also in the same field of view in the scope.  I had 15×70 binos and a 4 inch refractor with a 30mm 82 degree eyepiece.  It looked really nice.  I also observed the moon for awhile.

    On Sunday, I checked out Venus and the Pleiades again.  I only used the binos then.  They were still in the same field, Venus at that top left and Pleiades on the bottom right.  Very similar to how they were placed last Wednesday except they changed positions.

    Last night I was out looking at the super moon for awhile.  Been quite awhile since I looked at a full moon up close.  Really cool.