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Luka B

    Friday night was a great night for astronomy overall! There was no wind when I got there at 6:30. I set up my 16" scope. This time I brought my RACI finder which was great, until it partly frosted over. I did manage to find some good targets. I found NGC 253(Silver Dollar galaxy) again. It lost quite a bit of detail between Eagle bluff and Root River Park. I looked nearby for a few more objects, but couldn't see them, despite being in the area. NGC 246 and NGC 247. It shows that aperture is no match for light pollution or skyglow.  I did observe some open clusters. NGC 663 in Cassiopeia was new to me. It has 8 pairs of stars that are prominently equal in magnitude and stick out. M35 and M37 were great. NGC 457 is always interesting. I definitely saw "Number 5 Johnny"  this time, as the "arms" matched it best.  I saw about a half dozen meteors, with one being a fast 1/2 second and first magnitude, a good 25? long and white.  Once it got up into the sky, I had to look at M42, and it was fantastic! I brought some binoculars and did see the Pleiades and NGC 253 in them as well as M31 and M33. Despite the light pollution, M31 showed more extension in binoculars than my big scope. There was frost to contend with, and the high humidity made the skyglow for Rochester a noticeable problem. I think some dew heaters will have to make the Christmas list.

    Overall another glorious night for astronomy.