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Dean Johnson

    I called Eagle Bluff and they have absolutely nothing going on this weekend. I have the bathroom code as well.

    Either EB or Root River Park are OK by me Fri. night. It will just be nice to hang out with all of you again.

    I got out for 2 hours Thurs. morning (a week ago) and nabbed Kemble's Cascade, the Perseus Double Cluster, the Alpha Persei Association, Aldebaran and the Hyades, then finished with the Moon. 12:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. I hadn't been out at that time of night in a looooooogn time. 2 packs of coyotes, 1 hoot owl.

    Oh, I also looked at Vega. Beautiful star with attendants. However, between Vega and Epsilon Lyra there was a patch of nebulosity that would not move. About the same location of XY Lyrae. (XY is the designation, I think. A variable star anyway. Is there a comet in that area? I'm a little rusty getting back into observing.