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    Thanks Jeff.  I have a birthday in the cities to attend this weekend so may not be able to observe with you all … but I'll see what I can do.
    Also wanted to post this 'fix' for the Orion Paragon-Plus L-bracket mount:
    After reading Dean's post above I was motivated to get a fix for my Orion Paragon-Plus binocular mount.  The main problem with the L-bracket that comes with the mount was a limitation on how low to the horizon you could point the attached large binocular (about 20-25 degrees above horizontal).  As the commercial machine shops in Rochester were not in the business of bending my L-bracket, I had to devise a fix of my own!  The L-bracket was wider than the metal pivoting block it was attached to causing the limitation.  As the bracket could be removed a simple solution presented itself. (see photos below).  Inserting a small block of wood and using longer machine screws would allow the bracket to pivot to near horizontal.  I cut out a one-half inch section of a hickory hammer handle ($3.49 at Menards) that was slightly less wide than the pivoting metal block and using longer machine screws (6MM X 30MM Metric Socket Head Cap Screw (2 @ .69 each) was able to make the fix.  I am now ready to tackle those binocular highlights Dean mentions in Sagittarius and Scorpio!