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    Hey Jeff and other astronomy fans!

    Just talked to Eagle Bluff. Both Friday and Saturday night the parking lot lights will be off around 8 pm. Friday night there?s a family group that will have members arriving until around 9 pm, so there will be vehicles driving in, FYI. They will be parking in the parking lot, but presumably they will gravitate toward the east end to be closer to the buildings, so we should be prepared to use the west 2/3s or less of the parking lot. Friday sunset is around 8:30, and moon set is around 10 (3 days past new).

    Saturday is probably not going to work well. There is a fairly large group coming on Saturday that will probably have the lot mostly full. If you?re willing to take a chance, the lights will be off, as I said, but there may not be much if any space to set up.

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