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Jeff Newland

    So what's everyone thinking?  Hazy as it is out there, don't think would want to go all the way to Eagle Bluff.  Go somewhere close by, Root River Park?
    Anyone go there, forgot to mention earlier, there are a lot of pot holes on the road in.  Some pretty big.  The driveway in is gravel, but only a half mile or so, probably less?  But again, a lot of pot holes.

    Bob, in reply to you.  Seems darker than Keller.  Nice thing is there is no traffic going by, so that helps.  We set up south of the parking lot in the grass.  There are some small trees at the end of the parking lot.  But..  it when I went into the parking lot, it seemed to be lit up quite a bit by the Rochester glow.  Definite light dome to the NW from Roch.