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Josef Ch

    Tonight 1/9, coming back to Rochester from Cities, I went again to junction of 100 St NW and 18 Ave NW southeast of Orinoco and I was able to see comet Wirtanen 46P by binocular 10×50 close to star Muscida in UMa, but looking at map, comet itself was in Lynx. Conditions slightly worse than Saturday, but still good, Moon was under horizon.

    Saturday 1/5 I went to Soccer fields, it was clean, no snow or ice. I saw Mars, and several Messiers, but I was not too impressed. There is light pollution, and there was a little bit haze and that combination did not help. After a while, I decided to go out of Rochester by 18 Ave NW past junction with 100St NW. Sky was dark and beautiful. I was able to see comet 46P immediately by binocular 10×50, not far from M37,36,38 in Auriga and more. Later I went to west side of HWY52, close to Douglas trail and I would say there is more light pollution. Still nice dark sky, took few pictures of 46P.

    On Sunday afternoon I went to check Keller. That parking was one big hilly ice ring. I am not sure if day before I would be able to observe. I continued to Root River Park, just to see it, and I think it could be promising observing place.