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Jeff Newland

    Yes, that was great last night and it was another good ISS pass tonight.  It was really interesting tonight.  When the ISS was getting close to the moon I saw another bright satellite heading towards the moon.  That satellite crossed over the ISS path.  They were both heading in a similar direction.  The ISS was a little higher and had a heading a little farther north. 
    Also, when the ISS was in the NE, I took a look in my binoculars and happened to have both the Pleiades and the ISS in the same FOV, a nice surprise.  8)
    After I got home, I looked it up and it looks like the other satellite was Tiangong 1, the older Chinese space station.  It was listed as mag 1.0 and it probably was close to that.  I could see it even though it was right by a very bright moon.
    A great night!    🙂