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Jeff Newland

    What's it going to be like this weekend?  Clear?  Eagle Bluff open?  Get some pre-StarBQ observing and get ready for StarBQ.

    Hey, ISS passing over again.  Surprised me, just took out the garbage and caught the ISS starting its pass.  Came from around Mars, Saturn, and Antares.  Very bright, those bright objects didn't come close to comparing.  I just took a look and says it was going to be a magnitude -3.1 and I would have to say it had to be very close to that.  Bright!  For the next couple of days you can catch it in the morning and in the evening, all night long.  5 visible passes today and tomorrow and I think 6 the day after that.  Some good viewing of the ISS if things are clear. 

    Here is link for passes: