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Jeff Newland

    In case you haven't looked elsewhere on the forum, we are having a Lunar Eclipse outreach at Mayo High School Sunday evening.


    Head on over to help out or to watch the eclipse with us.

    quote :

    Super Blood Last Tetrad Lunar Eclipse enthusiasts! 

    Roughly from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM Sunday evening, we will have a pretty good prime time lunar eclipse to be viewed.  Dean Johnson has inquired if a few of us could run down to Spring Grove for an event he has on the west side of town for viewing. We also have permission to set up on the field just east of the tree line on the east side of the parking lot outside of Door 6 at Mayo High School.  I am looking for local and/or traveling volunteers to set up any type of scope or binoculars at either venue. If we have enough bodies, we can send out notices to the press that we will be available.  Post as soon as possible if you can be at either place so we can plan.