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    Jeff Newland, EllenVega, Chris, Joseph and I made it to EB on Saturday night.  Didn't last very late into the night since a heavy dew set in around 11.  We had a very nice group of kids who were there for the weekend came out.  They were enthusiastic about everything we showed them, whether in the scopes, through binoculars or even naked eye!

    We had a good test run for our Astronomy outreach with the Stewartville Library this Saturday.  Mak-Cass was tracking Saturn – we'll have a good southwest horizon, so hopefully we'll be able to show Saturn for a little while.  Joseph practiced finding double stars and he did great:  Mizar, Cor Caroli, Albireo and Almach.  I think he'll even be able to throw in M13 for something a little different.

    Not the greatest night, but hey, at least we were out under the stars for a while!

    We missed you, Dean.  Hope all is well…